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Devil's Advocate:

The idea has merit.

People have noted for a long time that tanks are becoming too specialised and are heading full speed for The Battleship Paradox (this is where an asset is worth too much to risk).

What is it that a tank is supposed to do?

Well, it's there to rapidly move and supply the heavy hitting power. However as the Nazis discovered in The Second World War tank-heavy formations have little use, they had to increase their infantry component and decrease the tank component . The big problem is that APCs/IFVs don't have the protection ability of an MBT and can't survive in their environment. The very reason the tank is there, to take ground so the infantry can hold it, doesn't work if the enemy can slaughter your battlefield taxis with over-the-horizon munitions.

So the problem isn't that tanks are vulnerable, that pendulum is always swinging, but that they can't fulfill the role of getting the infantry there any more.
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