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Post Settlement/Survivor/Economy Revamp test build.

Hello its me again! So, the attached link leads to a small revamp of the Economy mechanics for 4th edition MP. Mind, this is a more 'modern' take and features a bit/lot more abstraction. This is designed to work with basic game and existing survivor groups and will have more assets, examples and actions added to it overtime.
Now, I do have a small favor to ask, in particular please please please criticize the heck out of this thing and tell me what sort of Assets in particular you'd like to see added. Should there be special Survivor Group only options? Should Regions have specific resources to them that a settlement might get access to? Feedback is always welcome!

-Switched out the ABC code into an optional rule.
-Added in a broad set of example Resources
-added in Infrastructure assets
-added the new settlement action, muster as well as the Forces Statistic as a way to gauge encounter group sizes/frequency from the settlement
-minor grammatical and formatting changes.

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