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Default Behind the line

'fuck, jesus, christ almighty... ...too close' LT held tightly on to his sidearm, he where pinned down under a logg and looked directly up a russians ass as the guy where pinching one off directly over his rifle. flashes of things to do if spotted, where reordening in LT's brain to become a long single actionsequence. LT breaths where as shallow as they where undetectable, suddenly the smell of bad russian diett hit his nose, at the same time a unbodied voice called from within the woods "приходить теперь!!" LT froze in position, the russian stood up a bit. and a dirty napkin landed right on the dung of russian crap. LT could see his legs go out of sight, he breathed in deeply, only to get reminded of how close he had been. He grapped his rifle and shook it as quitly as he could, a piece of russian crapp got on his sleve and he felt sick to his stomach immeadtly, whatever they ate it wasn't normal. 'This iss the worst mission ever, strike that, this mission is pure crap' He thought whit a little smirk as he looked arround. It seemed clear, as it did a moment ago. He crawled out from this makeshift latrine, eagerly breathing the fresh air. he needed to get closer, he needed to lay a plan, a perfect plan, something big, unexpected and hopefully something that goes boom, 'only good thing about this fucking mess is the things that goes boom' he thought and smirked, he really liked those big bangs. He walked stealthy from tree to tree knowing that the bouldring sound of wheels where masking those breaking twigs he could feel under the boots. He could soon see a clearing, twenty meters infront of him, the headlights gave life to the otherwise dark and cold forest.
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