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Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
If the Soviet Union would have transitioned to a ChiCom style state-controlled capitalist economy in the late 1980s, perhaps it could have held out until the mid 1990s. It's certainly worked amazingly well for the PRC.
Huge cultural differences aside, that's a reasonable scenario to explore.

Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
On a side note, I just finished a documentary on an assassination-style murder of the West German official in the former East Germany shortly after the Berlin Wall came down.
Thanks for the tip, I'm watching it now too. The autopsy results... I had to re-wind and listen to it again. The first shot fired (presumably from an elevated position at least across the street from his house) punched straight through his torso and severed his spinal cord... after going through a glass window... that's an impressively clinical kill. Like, someone who REALLY knew what they were doing.
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