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Originally Posted by WallShadow View Post
Wait until they start demanding chocolate-covered rare steak (trust me, I've been there) for chow--THEN release them on the poor unsuspecting enemy!

And since at this time they would be deemed "unclean" by Shariah law, being killed by them would be a double disgrace--"Bad jihadist--no 72 virgins for you!"

And you can drop card packs (collect all 52 gory and demoralizing photos) and DVD players (with a hard-wired "play-first" flash memory video of the amazons' antics) to saturate an area preparatory to the actual assault. It would of course be declared haram by the enemy leaders. The "forbidden fruit" effect would be at least as big and irresistible a draw as the "2 girls, 1 cup" viral video that is soooo inspiring.
Talk about psyops!
Heh heh, best laugh I've had today...great stuff!
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