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Originally Posted by weswood View Post
I also heard New Zealand women are the sluttiest in the world. Not that that is a bad thing!
While this is potentially very offensive, I suppose technically there would be a country whose women average the most sex partners.

This is another odd tangent, but I never understood how the average number of partners could be different for men and women. Let me explain assume you had an isolated group of 100 men and 100 women and the men averaged 10 partners, that would mean that there were 1000 total couplings. Therefore the average for the women would also be 10. Median (midpoint) could be different, Mode (most common) could be different, but assuming only heterosexual relationships the Mean (Average) must be the same.

I know we can expect some lying for exaggeration or modesty's sake, but the numbers almost always reflect women having fewer than half the average of men, so I NEVER trust any numbers related to this subject.
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