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Matt that was a great read. A few points

I may have missed something but do US nuclear forces not target Moscow in retaliation for Soviet nuclear strikes on the USA including Washington DC?

If the US Army is fielding huge numbers of tanks then much of America's industrial base must still be intact?

If US forces in the West coast are able to launch a major offensive on their own and also send forces across the Pacific, then the Mexicans must have been cleared out of California? Also there must be an established land link or a major air corridor with US forces east of the Mississippi? The reason I say this is because the US West Coast doesn't have the population and arms and heavy industry of the US eastern states, and unless the Soviet's largely bypassed the west coast it would need support from the east to both resist a major Soviet attack or launch a major offensive on its own.

If NATO has been dissolved then US Army forces in Europe were pulled back to CONUS or elsewhere? Also some USAF and air defence forces in Europe must have been transferred to Britain?

If Britain is directly involved in the war then the BAOR must have been withdrawn to the UK? If so then many British Army armoured and mechanised formations would be idle unless the UK has been invaded. So would some British Army divisions or brigades have been sent to North America to help out the US and Canada?

How badly was China damaged by Soviet nuclear strikes?

Is Australia, New Zealand and South Africa allied with the US?
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