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So, as promised, some Expanded Rules (to begin with - more coming up later):

Straight from my blog (which I know I should update again)

Close combat: Throw
There are three ways to initiate a throwing attack, all which require the grapple-qualification for HtH - by blocking an incoming melee attack (either unarmed or with a small weapon like a knife or baton), by using an attack targetted at the feet of the enemy (leg sweep or similar) or from a grapple.
The leg sweep is a aimed called attack, targetted at the feet of the opponent, thus entailing a roll of Hand-to-hand [STR-1 or CDN-1]. If successful, the target must, like with the Diving Strike attacks, make a successful Muscle-check with the penalty of MoS+1 of the attacker or be rendered prone.
Throwing from a block, the defender makes a blocking action according to the rules and an attack action directly after that. If successful, the original attacker must make Muscle-check against the MoS+1 of the attack roll against him or go prone.
Throwing from a grapple works as the attack in the Control-rules (page 151). It differs from the other throwing attacks in one thing, however. The character throwing can opt to maintain the grapple on his target, which requires a Hand-to-hand [CDN] -check. If the check for maintaining the grapple is unsuccessful, the grip on the thrown character is lost along with all the accumulated control points.
In all cases, a successful throwing attack causes impact damage equal to half of the MoS of the attack roll (though the surface, one is thrown on can either apply bonuses or reduction to the damage - the gamemaster has final say on this) to a randomly selected hit location. A crew helmet or similar armor will protect against the damage done by this.
With Grapple-qualification, the thrown character can, however, attempt a Hand-to-hand [CDN] check with penalty equal to the MoS of the attack to break his fall - with success, he will still become prone but takes no damage. If MoS surpasses the MoS of the attack by 5, the character can opt to make an ukemi and roll back on his feet.

Also, a Stage III disadvantage:

Obscure blood type
Value: 1 or 3 points
Special: While most humans have either A, B, AB or O (plus either one of the rh-factors, positive or negative) bloodtype, you have one of the 32 more obscure types, which makes you unable to recieve blood from donors outside your own blood type - or rather, making you highly susceptible to adverse effects of blood transfusion, if you do. It's not bad, unless you get shot. Of course, not knowing about this would be even more dangerous (the three point option).
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