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Originally Posted by Jason View Post
I like the 2.2 burst rules. If you look at statistics for number of rounds fired vs. hits obtained in combat, I think you will find out that hitting someone with autofire in T2K v2.2 is probably way too easy. I have seen stats indicating that it takes about 250,000 round to kill one insurgent in Iraq.
The problem with those kind of statistics is that they only state rounds expended, NOT the manner in which they were. Also, most don't differentiate between small arms, autocannon, or even artillery. A lot of those 'statistics' from the Vietnam war, for example, 'round' meant 'round', regardless of whether it was from an M16, the F4 Phantom's cannon, or naval gunfire.

So when an AC-130 comes by and fires off most of it's weapon's load to kill 4 guys, you're looking at what, about a 5000:1 ratio of rounds expended to targets hit? At the small unit level, suppressive fire, say against enemy in a building or dug in, contributes to the high ratio too. It would be WAY too much of a pain in the ass to do, but I'm betting if someone were to separate out all the garbage, and only concentrate on burst fire at targets that could actually be seen, you'd see that the ratio of shots fired to hits scored is probably a lot better than the numbers that always get thrown around.
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