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Originally Posted by Project_Sardonicus View Post
The shotgun revolver doodad is kinda wacky.
They suck.

Because of BATF rules the revolvers must have rifling. Rifling is bad for shot patterns. So minimal (they call it micro-rifling) is cut into the barrels. In this way the manufacture has not made a Class 3 AOW (any other weapon) in this case a sawed off shot gun.

That micro-rifling that screws up the shot pattern (make a donut) isn't enough to really act well on the .45 Long Colt (.45LC) the old black powder cowboy cartridge of Colt Peacemaker fame. So that .45LC bullet has a tendency to yaw in flight. It veers off the point of aim and "Keyholes" the target aka hits broadside.

The only shell that works well, and really only works best at conversational distance, is the OOO (Triple Ought) shot shell. That is essential three lead balls. The rifling semi engages on the shot cup and the three balls separate randomly on exiting the barrel.

I despise the .410/.45LC. It is to me false advertising. These are not truly shotgun and perform poorly with shot; and perform poorly as a .45LC revolver too.
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