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Certainly in my campaigns the attitude has always been, simple equipment, that's reliable and accurate is the order of the day.

Most special forces still use 9mm pistols, as the expectation is anyone who might actually need to use such a thing. Is likely to be trained to make sure atleast one round is going between the eyes.

Training over fancy pants equipment everytime [although I can see why they have the .44 in case of bears or wolves or such like]

So the addition of an odd ball shotgun pistol seems strange even if it actually worked [outside of 3 Kings which was a great film]

On a darker front I could picture MARS getting a couple of crates of HK MP7s or FN 90s. As their advanced armour piercing capabilities would be just the thing for other teams that had gone rogue.

nb if the Project's got money for funky equipment, why not the G11.
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