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Default P90 RECON Team Load & Hello

Hi Folks,

See this forum from The Morrow Project FB page and have been pointed here by the owner of The Supply Bunker.

These files I've uploaded to the Yahoo email list, but I believe there's a fair few of you here who are not on there. The load out is being used by my players in a game I'm presently running and is based on my views that RECON teams are first contact/general purpose teams and not combat, so are equipped to fight/defend, but not be too aggressive in appearance. The kit is also based on modernising the options as the stock loads are very pre-1990s, hence my use of molle and armoured Humvees (though on the latter I've assumed they've still been modified to use the Morrow Industries reactor power sources).

From conversations on the email list you'll also note I do not see the RECON team as combat monsters and also the number of magazines carried is based on real capabilities (it's a down side to the P90 as a heavy combat weapon, offset by the 50 round magazines) - I'm actually not a real life fan of drop leg holsters (the securing straps slip on my thighs), but realised you could not use a molle mounted holster with P90 amo pouches.

These files are based on my views and requirements, so if you want to use them but feel you need more amo, then you may do as you like
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