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Talking Stumbleupon

Originally Posted by pmulcahy11b
Cool site! And, bookmarked!
you should try stumble upon

I found 100s of excellent sites...

It works kinda like this, you pick categories of interests and u stumble upon them by pressing a "STUMBLE" button (a new toolbar ) and then you rate it with thumbs up or down.

Interesting categories

weapons,geography,role playing games,history and Bizarre

but there are dusins of others aswell....

I have offcourse rated a lot of sites and recommend everone who try this to Rate every friendly RPG site you know of. - This will generate more members at this forum for example...I think there is still a lot of T2K-rs out there in the Internet mist.
The Big Book of War - Twilight 2000 Filedump Site
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