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15 Mar 10

The International Tracked APCs page has been rewritten.

In South African Assault Rifles, the LM-4 has been added to the Armscor R-4 entry.

In Yugoslavian Assault Rifles, the Zastava M-70 has been updated.

In Mexican Automatic Rifles, the Mendoza RM-2 entry has been updated to include it's predecessors, the M-45 and M-1933.

In Yugoslavian Automatic Rifles, the Zastava M-72 has been updated and some stats corrected.

The M-24 and M-40 entries have been renamed to Remington M24 and M-40 and moved to US Sniper Rifles R-S, and the M-24 entry has been updated and corrected.

In US Semiautomatic Sporting Rifles A-E, the C&S Metall-Werke Krinker-Plinker has been added.

In Best Assault Rifles That Never Were, the Smith & Wesson M-1945 was added, and some weapons that were inadvertently left out in a previous update were put back in.

In Best Handguns That Never Were. the AWS 1911 Machine Pistol has been added.

A link to the Lighting and Signals section has been added to the home page.
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