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Originally Posted by mpipes View Post
Is this the same a published here some time ago?
The answer is that the version posted here some time ago was a fan canon version that was used to create the final released version. However there are significant differences between the two

I edited the timeline both to make it flow better and to correct errors in it as well as to add new events, especially concerning the French and what happened with them in Djibouti and the Indian Ocean Islands

I added new French units and added a whole new section detailing the Rwandan Army and Air Force, which had not previously been there before

I updated the pictures section showing only those pictures that are free for use and removed others that are copyrighted - which you cannot have in a published for profit module

I removed some units, revised the makeup of others and added or edited back stories that previously were not there

Add maps to show the situation going on in the Congo and Tanzania including what areas the LRA, Rwanda, Kenya/US forces and the PARA control as well as a small French enclave

Updated the description and reasoning behind why the French assisted the LRA in taking over in Uganda and what they hoped to acheive

Gave more information on how the 2nd of the 2nd Armored got to Kenya and why CENTCOM sent them there when they arrived

Updated and revised the Somalists, LRA and Kenyan sections

Thus its the descendant of the original fan canon product - but its been changed greatly from its original version seen here three years ago - and whereas the old version was just fan canon the new one is official GDW/FFE canon for the Twilight 2000 game

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