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"Want more evidence? How about Howling Wilderness which specifically states "With certain exceptions, only places that received .5 megaton or more are covered here."
Also, "represented by the megaton(Mt) rating of the weapons exploded there (not necessarily as a single weapon)".

Yes and those exceptions are noted everywhere in the list - which is why they showed what the mega-tonnage was for those strikes

I am taking the list as being complete - what you see is what you get - and the Urban Guerrilla, Allegheny Uprising and Red Star Lone Star modules match up with the listed attacks - and Urban Guerrilla does a great job of detailing out exactly what HW meant by not necessarily as a single weapon

i.e. the 1 megaton attacks in Florida were actually a series of ten 100 kiloton strikes

thus the canon modules and the HW description match

And one state is very indicative of the rest of the US - the FMC plant in York, the Macungie Mack plant, Three Mile Island, the National Guard bases in PA are all ones that if the Soviets used smaller nukes all would have been big time targets - and yet none of them were hit - not even cities like Harrisburg (i.e. the bridges over the Susquehanna) or Pittsburgh with vital transportation links were hit

so if there were no other strikes at all on those areas then the idea of large or even medium scale use of smaller nukes to hit targets in the US is basically repudiated

if they had done that then most of the targets I mention above would have been radioactive debris and rubble - yet not one of them was hit - the fact that the only plant in the US making SPG, Bradleys, M88's and M8 Bufords is untouched and that the bridges over the Susquehanna are intact alone shows that the Soviets did not engage in the use of smaller weapons outside of the HW canon - and keep in mind the attacks in Maryland which were detailed - i.e. meaning there is no lack of delivery of weapons into that area - and yet the state, outside of Philly, Per Canon, is untouched
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