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Thanks for the link Badbru, that's some good stuff (and a great character sheet). Luckily, the 1st ed combat is re-written in the Twilight Encounters supplement, making it (IMO) much easier, especially with vehicles. 1st ed. uses a 1d100 for skill rolls also. The live games I play are over on myRPG, a handy little site for that sort of thing. I'm currently running a Microlite d20 post-apoc game, but I don't see why T2000 wouldn't work. It'd be a lot of work for me to set up the system with the T2000 rules, but if character sheets are generated before hand, and I can get a digital copy, I don't see why it wouldn't work. Of course, this depends on people's schedules. Which is ALWAYS a factor when dealing with RPGs.

If anyone is up for that, I'd be willing to set the wheels in motion.

EDIT: And having combat like 2nd edition let's me use Paul Mulcahy's amazing site, which is a plus.

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