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Odie: That's how I got my hands on the T2K and Encounters books. Really helps since I "have" it on my USB and hard drive.

Everyone else: So there's been a couple of you interested in a game. I'm down for some PBP goodness, which brings up everyone's ability to post. I myself am almost always on the computer, so I can post pretty much all the time. ("All the time" being anytime from 6AM-11PM EST). I'm still trying to think about how to explain character creation in 1ed. It's...comprehensive, though I can't judge since I haven't looked at 2 or 2.2ed. I think there's probably some fan-made PDFs or Docs somewhere on the internet that can be shared...

EDIT: And low-and-behold, the internet provides. This should work nicely for chargen needs:

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