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Isochron: I think I can assist there with that. How would everyone feel about having the game over on this site? I run another game on there and I'm familiar with how it works. I can set up a basic structure for the game. It also has map support, instant messaging, and dice rollers.

Medic: I'll try to help as much as I can

My last post has a link to a site that'll give you a good character sheet and generation sheet, including the skill list. It requires some math though, I'll warn you right now. Nothing the standard cellphone calculator can't handle

If everyone is okay with working with myRPG, I'll set up a game right-quick. Which gives us a scheduling dilemma. When is everyone open? I myself play a game on Monday nights, run a game Wednesday nights, and usually have meetings on Thursday nights. My personal best would be Friday of Saturday/Sunday. I'm also operating on EST.
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