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Also, here's the Service/Specialty for anyone who's rolling up a character and doesn't have the book or whatever. You need to roll 2d6 and get equal or higher the intended #. If you fail it, roll again for a different specialty and take a -2 penalty. Roll again if you fail again at -4, roll again at -6, each time for a different specialty. If you fail the 3rd roll, you are automatically assigned a service job (ones with 2+) of your choice. Ones that have Attribute prerequisites must be 12 or higher.

Service Branch / Specialty Table:

(2+) Aircraft Mechanic ACM 1/2 Cost
(2+) Vehicle Mechanic MEC 1/2 Cost
(2+) Electronics Specialist ELC 1/2 Cost
(5+) Infantryman CRM 20 HW20
(5+) Infantryman/Heavy Weapons HW40
(5+)(CON) Combat Engineer CBE 1/2 Cost
(5+)(INT) Engineer ADM Specialist NWH50 CBE30
(6+)(INT) Combat Medic MED 1/2 Cost
(6+)(STR) Artillery Cannon Crewman IF 1/2 Cost TVD 20
(6+)(INT) Fire Support Specialist FO1/2 Cost CMP30
(7+) Armor Tank Crewman LCG 1/2 Cost TVD20
(7+) Armor Cavalry Scout TVD20 HW20 RCN20
(8+)(INT) Aircraft Pilot LAP40 HW40 RWP 1/2 Cost
(8+)(CON) Special Forces Weapons Specialist CRM HW BC RCN FOR all 1/2 COST PAR 40
(8+)(CON)(INT) Special Forces Intelligence Specialist FRG DIS BC PST all 1/2 COST One Eastern Bloc Language 50 Any Other Language 30 PAR 40
(7+)(CON) Ranger Infantryman CRM20 HW20 BC RCN FOR 1/2 Cost PAR 40
(7+)(CON) Ranger Heavy Weapons HW40 RCN FOR 1/2 Cost PAR 40
(8+)(INT) Intelligence Analyst CMP 50
(8+)(INT) Intelligence Interrogator INT and any Three Languages 1/2 Cost
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