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Originally Posted by headquarters
It was "the Terror in Rapid City" - and no zombies , just a goverment experiment to chemically control the masses gone wrong - slaughter wrong..

But it was a good one -agreed.

Only problem with "zombie like massacre sessions " is that you have to wait for ages before doing another -or the shock wont register with the players -it becomes routine..

Also a must is to make sure that it only occurs when the characters are relatively low on ammo.

A formula for this would be :
number of enemy targets: X
number of PC ammo/rounds:Y
Number of PCs : Z

formula : Y= 1000X/ Z

did this make any sense ?

It reminds me of another session that involved "killer-mandrilles" in the sewers of NY, another government experiment...we barely survived that one....HQ do you not worrie that all of this Government Conspiracies Games you are running eventually inspire the US (or any other) to try some of you're ideas.
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