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Day 003
About 3 AM a line of thunderstorms from the northwest drenched the area. It was still dark by sunrise. Considering the stormy weather and lighting conditions I canceled the contact mission for the day. Except for guard duty and sanitary reasons, the team would remain in the bolthole until the weather clears. In essence, everybody has the day ‘off’. People played card games, read from the collection of classic books on the tablets, etc. to pass the day. I decided to write in this journal a short paragraph about each of the team members.

Angela Thais Brooks is the recon branch replacement in the team. She was born in Newton, MA in December of 1970. In high school, she was on the swimming team and tennis team. She received a B.A. in Philosophy from Carnegie Mellon University. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She is of average height and weight. Angela is responsible, patient, and resourceful, all good traits for a contact specialist. She is conceited about her family lineage and social class.

Eric Wayne Cooper is the engineering branch replacement in the team. He was born in Paducah, KY in June of 1969. He did not play sports in school but earned a black belt in Judo. Eric received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Western Kentucky University. He has brown hair and green eyes. Eric is slightly shorter than average. Eric is dependable, adaptable to the situation and responsive to a crisis. He has an overrated opinion of his Judo skills.

George Carver Luckett is the science branch replacement in the team. He was born Pine Bluff, AR in August of 1970. As team captain, he led the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff to third place in the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge in 1992. He has a B.S. in Chemistry. He has black hair. George has a small, thin stature. George is analytical, observant, reliable, and precise making him an excellent chemist. At times, he is emotional cold and an obsessed perfectionist.

Charles Stephen Johnson is the agricultural branch replacement in the team. He was born in Brownsville, TN in October of 1971. He served as an officer in FFA and 4H during both junior and senior years in high school. A scholarship to Tennessee State University allowed him to earn a B.S. in Agricultural Sciences. He is the biggest member of the team. He shaves his head. Charles is a dynamic person known to be observant and resourceful. He can be very stubborn.

Laura Marie Sanchez is the medical branch replacement in the team. She was born in Little Rock, AR in January of 1965. She was the salutatorian of the 1982 class at Pulaski Academy. She received her M.D. in Pathology from the University of Arkansas in 1991. Laura is shorter than Angela. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She is a humanitarian. She is inventive and witty. She is intolerant of bullies. She uses stinging sarcasm to deflate opponents in arguments.

I am John Aaron Bell, born in Jonesboro, AR in March of 1969. I played football and baseball in high school. I enlisted into the Army in June of 1987. I was a staff sergeant in the mortar platoon of the 2nd Battalion of the 325th AIR during Desert Storm. After the war, I used my G.I. benefits to earn a B.A. History degree from the University of Tennessee – Martin.

It is my time for guard duty. The storms have passed and the air is getting colder.
John Aaron Bell

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