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Originally Posted by Adm.Lee View Post
(2nd) I very much disliked this initiative, if you allow PCs to grow their initiative ratings. I ran a not-that-long Merc campaign that had nearly all of the PCs raise to the 5 or 6 level, and just about every fight was a cakewalk by then.
The 2.0 initiative has a few things in it which level the field A LOT. Repetitive actions for example where a character with low actions is given the support weapon (belt fed machinegun, AGL, etc) and just keeps firing at the same general area between actions - makes great use of the danger area rule of automatic weapons and makes machineguns much more useful in the automatic rather than single shot role.
The other is the damage - if a character takes enough to cause them to loose an action, even if it's just a paper cut, then they're unable to do ANYTHING until the next turn (30 seconds). Grenades and other explosive area effect weapons are brilliant in this regard, the concussion alone can be enough to effectively paralyse an entire unit (if they're bunched up too close) allowing the Initiative 1 plebs to stroll up at their leisure and beat them to death with blunt objects. This of course promotes the use of hand grenades, etc by both sides and the local town chemist becomes a very valuable member of the militia (they can make explosives).
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