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Originally Posted by Adm.Lee View Post
This has been one of my highest 'likes' for most of the modules. They were campaign outlines, rather than adventures.

OTOH, if I want to run something short and closed-end, like I do anymore, it's not so good.
Yeah, overall, it's more of a like than dislike for me too. The only real "dislike" part of it is that the modules are nor something you can read over the two nights prior to a game and feel ready to go, like I can do with a typical D&D module (T2K or D&D, if I'm running it, I've read the adventure a few times before and the two nights prior would be just refamiliarizing myself with it).
Yeah, a T2K module may require more work on the GM's part than one for D&D, or many other games. But, that one T2K module has so much more potential for expansion, and as both the Admiral and myself have said, a whole campaign ca be built from just one module. So, definitely more to like than dislike about the spartan nature of details in these modules.
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