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Default Whats Up with the AI's

Well I can share some of the back story, but some of my players are on this blogs so I keep some of it to my self.

My Game takes place with a Late war start of 2011, so tech is a little higher. At the time of the war, The US Government was running post nuclear war simulation about governments and population control using there latest post Damocles AI computers in the High Desert Area of California. <This area has a lot (and I mean a lot) of secret High Tech military sites (as are there today with skunkworks being a major one).>

Each AI has a mandate to win there game by a chosen method.

MARS:> Use of Force and military control. MARS AI wants to established a controlled stable political environment with a strong central power as the ruler. Its is searching for ways to insure this will happen for the last 150 years.

MORGANA:> Liberal Democracy and elected political control. MORGANA wants to establish a stable political environment in which elected officials rule the area. It promotes prewar establishments that support it aims.

CRIMSON KING:> No overall government, complete individual rule. Crimson Kings mandate is create an area with no central government to promote competition so that the strong will come to power over time. It works to keep society freedoms intact while promotion of its central mission.

There more to it than that, But all AI have been active in the last 150 years trying to mold the political landscape of southern California to meet there own goals.

This is not the Major Storyline for the Campaign, but it is a backdrop. The Players voted if they wanted the AI to take a more strong role in the campaign, and the voted was yes.

So there is many behind the scenes actors working with and against the players and no one really knows who is a friend or who is working for goals different than the MP.

Ta, Clive
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