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IRL the US Army dropped HAWK in 94 in favor of Patriot but the USMC took over some ongoing development work to field a TMD capability through the early-mid 90s until defielding the HAWK and falling under the Army HIMAD umbrella. Part of the Army rationale for moving away from Patriot was an increased emphasis on the TMD aspects of the Patriot while relying on the USAF to counter much of the high performance air threat post-Cold War. The Army also reaped a benefit by reducing its overall ADA battalion structure by deactivating some former HAWK battalions as well as some non-divisional chaparral/vulcan battalions as part of the early 90s RIF.

Given that T2K postulates a continued Cold War I wonder if HAWK with its early 90s TMD and lethality mods would be retained to complement Patriot in Army formations and never be removed from the USMC inventory?
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