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Oceania & the Pacific Rim

The immediate aftermath of the Twlight Wars in the Far East was domianted by Thailand, Australia and Japan. The three countries that had weathered the Twilight Wars with their centeral governments and a great deal of their industrial base intact. These three countries were able to reshape the face of the Far East, Oceania and the Pacific Rim.

Federal Republic of of Australia

State of Brunei, Abode of Peace / Negra Brunei Darussalam (British Commonwealth Malaysian state)

Republic of the Fiji Islands (British Commonwealth South Pacific state)

Republic of the Marshall Islands (Micronesian island state)

Republic of Nauru (Micronesian South Pacific island state)

Republic of Palau (Pacific island Japanese client state)

Kingdom of Tonga (South Pacific island state)

Independent State of Samoa (South Pacific island state)

Republic of Vanuatu (French Union South Pacific island state)

Republic of Kiribati (British Commonwealth South Pacific Island state)

Tuvalu (British Commonwealth South Pacific island state)

Pitcairn Islands (South Pacific British Overseas Territory)

Guam (American South Pacific island)

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (American South Pacific islands)

Solomon Islands (Melanesian island state)

Republic of Indonesia


Republic of Singapore
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