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SSG Chandler Wheeler, US Army Ranger (callsign: '<>')
SSG Chandler Wheeler
Personality Trait: Dependable
Most Valued Person: God and his family.
Most Valued Thing: well-worn family Bible.
Most Valued Abstraction: Loyalty (L+2). Patriotism (L+1), Freedom (L+2), Family (L+2), Religious Beliefs (L+3),
Alignment: Ethnical / Principled
Light-side Traits: Pious, Altruist, Giving, Considerate, Friendly, Humble, Courageous, Generous, Dependable
Neutral Traits: Emotional, Studious, Self-Sufficient, Open-minded, Traditionalist
Dark-side Traits: Self-doubting
Behavioral Tags: Romantic,

Known Realities: Elliot Matthew 'Pa' Wheeler, Professional Farmer (father, 58); DR Deborah Rae 'Ma' Wheeler DVS, Veterinarian (mother, 53); SFC Edward Bryson Wheeler, US Army Air Assault Infantry Rifleman (eldest brother, 34); Heather Rae Wheeler, Veterinary Assistant (older sister, 31); Caitlin Anne & Kristin Ann Wheeler, Nursing Assistants (twin sisters, 27); SPC Elliot Andrew Wheeler, US Army Airborne Infantry Rifleman (brother, 24); Jacquelyn Ellen 'Jackie' & Jocelyn Elaine 'Jo' Wheeler, College Students (twin sisters, 18).

Elliot Matthew 'Pa' Wheeler, Professional Farmer (father, 58);
DR Deborah Rae 'Ma' Wheeler DVS, Veterinarian (mother, 53);
SFC Edward Bryson Wheeler, US Army Air Assault Infantry Rifleman (eldest brother, 34);
Heather Rae Wheeler, Veterinary Assistant (older sister, 31);
SSG Chandler Matthew Wheeler, US Army Ranger Rifleman ();
Caitlin Anne & Kristin Ann Wheeler, Nursing Assistants (twin sisters, 27);
SPC Elliot Andrew Wheeler, US Army Airborne Infantry Rifleman (youngest brother, 24);
Jacquelyn Ellen 'Jackie' & Jocelyn Elaine 'Jo' Wheeler, College Students (twin sisters, 18).

SSG Chandler Matthew Wheeler, US Army Squad Leader: adult Caucasian male Dedicated 3/Infantry 4 (7th level)
SSG Chandler Matthew Wheeler is generous to a fault, a trait that is often found in rural communities as well as those of the poorer classes in the United States. Chandler Wheeler is one of those people who have given rise to the phrase "he would give you the shirt off his back." Ma and Pa Wheeler had always taught him "what goes around comes around" and that he should always do right by others and they'll do right by you. He has shared his parents thoughts that Money won't buy you friends now, nor provides mourners at your grave side.

Chandler Wheeler and his six siblings had grown-up on a moderately prosperous rural family farm in <state>, and his youth was occupied by the usual distractions that growing up on a farm brought forth. He had grew-up hunting, fishing, riding horses and dirt bikes through the wilderness had taken his time from childhood when he wasn’t doing his chores on the farm. He was never really exposed to the big city life, except for rare trips to the big city. During his High School years, many his teachers had remarked that he was highly intelligent, but he didn't apply himself to much to anything, except for biological sciences and outdoor activities. To help him focus on his studies, his father had worked with him as a Troop Leader of a local Boy Scout Troop where he had risen to the rank of Eagle Scout, and he had become a member of his schools chapter of the Future Farmers of America that prompted him to apply himself to become a better student.

Chandler Wheeler was born into an extremely large farming family, and had seven other siblings who all lived in the large farm house that sat on the top of a small hill overlooking the nearly hundred acres of farm land that had been in their family for almost one hundred and fifty years. He, his elder brother Bryson, and his younger brother Andrew are the only boys that had been born to <a> and <b> Wheeler.

Having grown up on a family farm where everyone did something on the farm, even at a young age children where expected to work as a runner going to get things for the other family members. Once a child gets older, they then graduate from runner to more challenging chores fit for their capabilities. Thus it was in this environment that Chandler had discovered he had a natural gift when it came to fixing machines, much to his father's delight who immediately started working with him in an effort to teach him more and more about taking care of the aging farm machinery.

When he had graduated from High School his parents had insisted he should at least attempt to go to the local community college, where he was able to earn an Associates degree Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences after almost four years since he had such a major problems staying indoors for his classes, and he had just desired to be outside actually doing things. He was happy working with his parents managing the family farm, and that's where he'd have stayed if the war hadn't started. His father approached him and his brothers and said "Boys, the men of our family have always answered when our country has called. So, you all need to go on and get down to the see the recruiter. And make our country just as proud of you, as your ma and I already are." The three Wheeler brothers all enlisted in the US Army that day, and had found their way into the US Army Air Assault, the US Army Rangers and the US Army Airborne Infantry.

The US Army was quick to recognize his outdoor skills during Basic Combat Training along with his natural mechanical skills, and had slotted him for the RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Program) that had found him assigned to the US Army 75th Ranger Regiment where he worked on the light armored vehicles that had been assigned to support their operations. While SSG Wheeler is a more than competent soldier, he is still an easygoing, laconic, and relaxed when not involved in combat. SSG Wheeler still maintains a laid-back casualness about him, that is very contagious. He is rarely in a rush and is incredibly slow to anger. Wheeler isn't afraid of violence, and he shares his families strong since of patriotism. He is fairly unflappable, particularly when he finds himself in the middle of stressful interactions with others and can be polite in the face of shocking amounts of rudeness.

He has discovered that he has occasional difficulties with military etiquette; in particular, his tendency to call everyone in authority over him as "sir" or "ma'am" and it sometimes annoys officers and senior enlisted alike. He sometimes shows too much initiative for his own good. For the second time in his life Wheeler had found that he had a knack for something, this time it was the Army. He breezed through basic training, after life on the farm military training wasn't hard at all. He enjoyed the companionship of the other soldiers, something that he had never had outside of his large family.

SSG Wheeler still has a habit of picking-up handfuls of earth to sift through his hands speculatively, and he is very likely to notice that locals have not planted their crops than he is to actually notice that the background radiation count has rendered the area unlivable for the foreseeable future. And this is why he has been assigned an NBC Warfare Specialist so that they can carryout frequent countryside surveys trying to find areas that would be best for locals to cultivate for sustenance farming.

SSG Wheeler had found himself as the man that LTC Malcolm Kaine had turned to when it came to setting up the livestock pens and cultivated fields that now surrounds the 3-143rd Battalion Cantonments. He was also promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant and ordered to educate as many men and women in the Battalion (and other neighboring units) as well as many civilians as possible on just the basics of how to manage livestock and farmsteads. For over three months he had created a small but functional farmstead that he operated as a school that would teach men and women every job that was on a farm in a hands-on environment.

SSG Wheeler worked with a platoon of Combat Engineers to design and build a classic farming homestead that would become the standard model that the US Army would use as the model to build as the cornerstone of their program establishing new farming communities. This program was so successful that it was duplicated by other units all across the US Army (including those units that are back stateside, and has been why MilGov areas have been so capable in promoting the reconstruction efforts of civil authorities under their supervision).

One of the last letters that SSG Chandler Wheeler had received from home during the sporadic mail service, had informed him that CivGov had seized the family farm and has been horribly miss-managing it while using it as a relocation center for 'Displaced Persons' (the 'official' political speak term for refugees). He wasn’t sure what upset him more, the seizure of the family farm that included the family being forced out of the home that they had lived in for generations, or the horrible mismanagement of the farm and its resources that was destroying everything they had worked so hard to build with their own hands. The one uplifting thing that the letter had provided him was that his eldest brother SFC Bryson Wheeler had made it back home after suffering such horrible injuries fighting in Central America and the Caribbean Sea.

SSG Chandler Wheeler and 2LT Ashton Snyder have had many disagreements over the situation back stateside, as well as disagreements over the existence of God. SSG Wheeler is a devoted Christian who has always set aside time everyday to read his bible and pray, something that once 2LT Ashton Snyder discovered started to make off-hand comments that continued to become more and more offensive and insulting as time has passed. Combined with the intermittent news and mail service arriving from stateside has promoted 2LT Snyder to make continued comments that everything back home had either turned into a Mad Max-esqe wasteland or fallen under the oppressive rule of Right-Wing Christo-Fascists. And even after SSG Wheeler tried to show that his letters from home this was not actually the case, 2LT Snyder accused him of being nothing more than a dupe of MilGov propagandists.

Occupation (Rural

Craft: Chemical
Craft: Mechanical (+2 misc.)
Craft: Structural (+2 misc.)
Handle Animal
Knowledge: Earth & Life Sciences (+2 misc.),
Knowledge: Physical Sciences (+2 misc.)
Profession: Farmer
Profession: Military

Education (knowledge: physical sciences, knowledge: earth & life sciences),

a Geiger counter,
a seed cache (a water and air-tight footlocker sized repository of preserved seeds of various types of vegetables),
a well-worn leather bound Bible (New International Version), a mp3 player w/2GB memory space & a set of rechargeable batteries, a portable DVD player w/a set of rechargeable batteries, a small collection of DVD movies & TV show collections, a Panasonic Toughbook laptop w/a set of rechargeable batteries, a collection of nine 4GB flash drives full of books on farming and training manuals (SSG Wheeler calls it his survival preparedness database, while 2LT Snyder calls it his Patriot extremist survivalist database), 9 rolls of toilet paper,

SSG Chandler Matthew Wheeler., US Army Ranger (callsign: 'Hayseed'): adult Caucasian male Dedicated 3/Ranger 4 (7th level).
Real Name: Chandler Matthew Wheeler; Rank/Title: US Army Staff Sergeant; Other Aliases: "Hayseed" (callsign); Place of Birth: <>, <>, United States of America; Legal Status: Citizen of the United States of America w/no criminal record; Marital Status: Single; Occupation: US Army Ranger, Professional Farmer; Allegiances: United States of America, United States Army; Known Languages: English (native), Spanish (fluent), Polish (speak-only), Russian (speak-only), Arabic (speak-only); Ethnicity: Caucasian; Gender: Male; Orientation: Heterosexual; Age: 26 (day month year); HT: 6' 3"; WT: 200lbs.; Hair: Light brown w/blonde highlights; Eyes: Dark Green; Physical Appearance: SSG Chandler Matthew Wheeler is an above average looking adult Caucasian male in excellent physical condition for a man his age, height and build who engages in moderate regular exercise on a daily basis.
Distinguishing Physical Characteristics: SSG Chandler Matthew Wheeler has a tribal knot work tattoo around his right bicep that he got playing quarterback in high school.
Normal Attire: SSG Chandler Matthew Wheeler wears his US Army Combat Uniform that consists of a digital woodland camouflage ACU bonnie hat, a digital woodland camouflage ACU jacket, a digital woodland camouflage ACU combat shirt, a pair of digital woodland camouflage ACU trousers, a light tan moisture wicking tee-shirt & boxers, a pair of brown cushioned soled socks, a pair of combat boots, a quartz military watch, a pair of sage Interceptor-X gloves, a set of dogtags w/black silencers, a pair of Uvex XC protective eye wear, a pair of sun/wind/dust goggles, a pair of tactical knee & elbow pads, a PASGT ballistic helmet w/an digital woodland camouflage Helmet Cover, MICH 2000 Helmet attachment w/NVG Mount (Die-cut Black EVA Inner Pad), a helmet band, digital woodland camouflage D.A.P./M-Tac 300 Level IIIA Ballistic Vest w/groin & bicep protectors, Coyote Brown Chest Rig w/pouches holding 4 M4 magazines, crookneck flashlight, a PRC 148 Radio w/a headset, an M4 5.56mm carbine w/an M4 Butt Stock magazine pouch holding 2 spare M4 magazines.
Fuck being a hero. Do you know what you get for being a hero? Nothing! You get shot at. You get a little pat on the back, blah blah blah, attaboy! You get divorced... Your wife can't remember your last name, your kids don't want to talk to you... You get to eat a lot of meals by yourself. Trust me kid, nobody wants to be that guy. I do this because there is nobody else to do it right now. Believe me if there was somebody else to do it, I would let them do it. There's not, so I'm doing it.
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