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I had some time to play with this. Overall, it is a nice simplification of settlements. I was not able to do a direct comparison to my previous work, as I was not sure how all the things about Sommerset would be represented in this simplified setting. There are a couple of things I did notice that you may want to look at further.

Given the way that the Organization Code is calculated, you will never be able to have codes I or B. Since they are single values and not divisible by 2 you can't reach them.

The other was the Domain sizes. They just feel a little small. Sommerset was the town I built using the economics rules. Sommerset is a town of 5000 people that is part of the KFS. Sommerset is supplied coal from elsewhere that they turn into rubber for tires used by the military and civilian vehicles of the KFS. Sommerset also produces all the food it needs to support itself in addition to lumber and opiates it exports to New Manhatten. The land area used to do just this is 406.2km^2. If the coal trains ever stopped coming to Sommerset, they could not support themselves. This is why the Domain sizes felt small to me.

Finally I had this observation. If the Technology Organization code is H or I, the maximum value for all the secondary values will be lower than their current values. I was not sure it this was an oversight or a desired outcome to illustrate the inefficiecies of the low tech level.

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