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1 v1 generally favours the defender. So even playing roughly even numbers, as the attacker you were maybe underdogs.

Did the OT-64 turn the tide for the attackers? I forget what its armed with.

Did the defenders take advantage of cover? It reads a little bit like they were fired at, and hit regularly.

In old T2K our characters ran 30m, trotted 20m, jogged 10m and crawled 2m automatically! Every PC was essentially the same movement wise. In V4.0 mobility adds another variable, which i think is good. Some PCs will be mobile, others will be cumbersomely slow. Perhaps V4.0 having a war-game like bent, with gridded maps, helps us as Refs, plot PCs on a map and that opens up visually the importance of movement more than V1.0 did for example - which puts further emphasis on mobility.

How did you find running so many characters solo in an extended fight go for you? Easy/hard, long, methodical ....

6 or 7 enemy were downed. One PC took a hit. Was this just due to the difference in skill levels (D6s v D10 or D12s)?
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