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Originally Posted by chico20854 View Post
Thanks! I hadn't seen a number on the M88 line in the 1980s documents I was working off of. For the Bradley, I kept the Santa Clara plant going (it was shut down as a result of the merger of FMC and BMY in the post-Cold War defense industry consolidation), so York is concentrating on M109 and M88, plus the M8 for the v2.2 timeline. I also have a plant in Johnstown subcontracted to help with M109 hull work.

I didn't know about the Lemont Furnace facility. I'll also have a lot of repairs done at the Army facilities, Mainz in Germany (plus the POMCUS sites, once emptied, the crews and faciltities there could do some repair work), Red River, Anniston and the others in CONUS.

One thing helping the US production is the massive orders for ordnance placed by the Chinese in late 1995. That pays for the activation of the second shifts at the existing munitions plants as well as the outfitting of additional mobilization plants. I have the Atlanta, Leeds, Missouri and Framingham GM plants, Bridgeport CT ammo line, DeKalb tractor plant, Indiana Army Ammunition plant, Madison TN truck plant and a few others (plus shipyards) all coming on line to meet Chinese demand. Unfortunately for the Chinese, when the US enters the war much of the output from these plants gets fed into the maw of the US military.
Lemont Furnace did refurb work on M109 and Bradleys - versus rebuilds at York for both - that facility wasnt there when they wrote Allegheny Uprising - so would be a nice addition where the players are sent to get parts stored there for M-109 and Bradleys and find a vehicle there that they could bring back to working status using parts stored there
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