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Default Surrender or Dice!

Originally Posted by Ursus Maior View Post
This might, of course, offer new chances to role-play, e. g. a surrender scene or a flight etc.
Agreed. I don't have a ton of experience playing T2k, but in the 10 or so campaigns that I've been a part of, both as a Ref and as a player, I've never been a part of a mass surrender (and very few hasty retreats).

Originally Posted by Ursus Maior View Post
However, this might not be an enjoyable part of the game as it's quite literally forced upon the players as much as their characters.
As it is, IRL. If one expects a high degree of realism in one's military-themed RPG's, then surrender or flight should be more than just a theoretical possibility. CUF ups the ante.

Originally Posted by Ursus Maior View Post
However, since I decided to use the Bravo Zulu rules option from the Discord server, which basically introduces a limited amount of "dramatic change tokens" for enhanced player agency, I will allow the use of one of these Bravo Zulu points to immediately break out of suppression. It gives the players a choice to trade a rare resource and regain agency for their character.

I found these rules on the Discord server.
This "dramatic change token" option is interesting. It sounds a bit like D&D 5e's Inspiration Points mechanic (which I was thinking of porting to 4e if I ever run it). Would you be able to post the pertinent Bravo Zulu rules here? Or post a link, at least?

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