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while this is a wild variation of theme bear with me.....

I used to be a scholar of American 18th century history I have always been fascinated by captivity narratives. Many people who lived in remote areas where captured by Indians and carried off to Canada many of these journals still exist and are fascinating to read. Sometimes the people would be integrated in the native society and would basically become Indians themselves. Other times they would be sold to French for bounties and then possibly thrown in prison and occasionally they would also escape and wind up getting back home. Other times they would go back home after having lived with the Indians for many years.

Now this sort of thing happens today from time to time with guerrillas. A couple people will get captured and dragged to a secluded jungle camp. Often times they end up getting ransomed. But sometimes they are just never heard of again. Often the people captured are photographers or journalists ect.

You could have a group of civilian PC's or just PC's who aren't front line troops get captured by a small band of guerrilla and carried far off into the mountains. It would be interesting if the group was not WP or NATO Allied but under there own directives. Perhaps they could be Neutral to NATO forces but Anti-WP but not inclined to return the PC's unless directly confronted by superior NATO forces. It would also be great if they PC's couldn't understand what there captors where saying. Perhaps they would get captured and then become integrated into the group learn there hit and run tactics and improvised weapons skills ect. Maybe even fight along with the guerrillas gaining some experience before getting redeemed to the NATO forces or maybe if one PC really liked it he could stay with them and his freinds could wind up being returned. Perhaps this PC could turn up later, being used as an Indigenous scout or translator or something to that effect.

Just Ideas I have rattling around in my brain.

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