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While I think that it is perfectly reasonable to have New Zealand join Australia in some kind of federation I have to point out that

a) New Zealand would not accept that new nation formed from both Australia and New Zealand being named "Australia" (Australasia or Oceania would probably be acceptable) even if it is 300 years from now; New Zealand is a very proud nation and under the Treaty of Waitangi the indigenous Maori people have special rights so neither the white (Pakeha) nor Maori sections of the population would accept being absorbed directly into Australia.

b) If Canada is still a constitutional monarchy in T2300 Australia would probably be too (especially if New Zealand was part of an Australasian Federation) as NZ is fiercely monarchist.

Obviously you can take or leave my opinions on these matters but as a citizen of both Australia and New Zealand I feel I'm qualified to offer an opinion
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