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Originally Posted by Legbreaker View Post
The way I read it is certain people are considering it as an option. I heard similar chatter back in the early 90's re the Australian's - we ended up a decade or so later with M1s.

I don't think they'll be as many tanks as 20+ years ago, but there'll always be some on hand with any competent military. Without tanks your force isn't really capable of more than counter insurgency and other low level conflicts. Admittedly that's the bulk of the last couple of decades, but there's still plenty of nations out there with T-72's or whatever who could become a problem in the not that distant future.
Back in 1995 there was chatter about replacing the Abrams with Future Combat Systems vehicles small enough that a C-17 could carry two (about the same mass as a Stryker MGS). It's 25 years later, and the Abrams is still being upgraded while the replacement program (OMFV) to the replacement program (GCV) of FCS was canceled at the beginning of this year.
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