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Originally Posted by pmulcahy11b View Post
Just in my T2Ku, the warheads that were to hit Cape Canaveral missed -- badly -- except for the ones that were taken out by missile defense. Columbia is sitting on the runway, as the air raid sirens went off as the Columbia crew exited the vehicle after a military mission, and Endeavor is in the VAB, waiting for a launch that never came. There was a small, 3-foot wave that lapped gently over the Cape.

Almost all of the other shuttles, along with OV10, OV11, and OV12 (which were built specifically for the military) were at Vandenberg, which likewise was saved due to poor aiming, computer errors, missile defense and fratricide. Discovery, however, was attacked in orbit by a Soviet spaceplane and was hit by several minelets, which damaged Discovery enough that it could not conduct a normal reentry. To keep Discovery from the Soviets, the crew deliberately deorbited Discovery to go down in the Pacific.

Just my T2Ku.
Always said that someone in the writers had a real Jones to want to put a lot of hurt on Cape Canaveral - they over targeted it big time - a 100kt nuke just for the VAB??? Talk about making sure they got the target
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