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Originally Posted by Enfield View Post
@ADM Lee:

Interesting. If I'm understanding you correctly, the Army and Corps commands have to have good contacts within the regions in which their subordinate units are operating.
They'd better, anyway. I can't speak to how effective they have been, nor how effective they will be-- that's kind of on the GM, isn't it?

So for example, the force in the continental USA that is most effective appears to be the 5th US Army, with two corps intact though considerably reduced in strength, controlling the Mississippi from southern Illinois to Louisiana. According to what you're saying, they have been effective in having good relations with the communities along that stretch.
I think they've been reasonably effective, though things are probably still crumbling a bit over 2000-01. Yes, I agree that the Mississippi River has probably become the logistical centerpiece for Fifth US Army. Given that road & rail transport is crippled, river and coastal transport may be big again. I suspect there are small river-transport units that have been formed by that army.

Possibly a good example of this would be in Airlords of the Ozarks where, at considerable risk, one of those Corps deploys divisions to deal with the New American cell there that is raiding and conquering various communities.
I don't recall a division being deployed for that, but it's been a long time since I've read that one. I do recall that there is a part of the adventure covering an NA cell inside the Arkansas state government, and that would certainly be a concern. Any division moving to deal with the NA in the Ozarks would have to deal with that cell, once it made itself known. More likely, it would show up as passive obstruction of such a move.

I do remember that Memphis is the jumping-off point for the adventure, and that two US heavy brigades are in the area-- one at Memphis and one at Cairo, I think? The presence of those brigades does seem to reinforce the idea that the Army will be protecting its lines of communication along the river.

The reason I'm posing this question is to get deeper into how the conflict between Milgov's forces and the New American cell in Idaho as well as Cascadia works, as well as how effective Cascadia and New America are as opponents for them.
I still haven't read the PNW book in detail, so I got nothing here.

I'm also trying to figure out where to place corps and army HQs.

There remain:

5th US Army
- 90th US Corps
- 122nd US Corps

6th US Army
-63rd Corps

9th US Army
- 8th US Corps

Had you imagined some idea of where their headquarters would be?
I'd put them on major roads (or river links) to their divisions, which more or less means in or near cities, rather than pre-war Army posts.

Now that I think of it, those prewar posts would probably be best used as training and hospital/rest facilities, with (at least some) Armies setting up their own Basic and refresher training units?

Anyway, I'm looking at US Army Vehicle Guide for summer, 2000 positions, and an old National Geographic map.
Fifth Army
194 AB- Cairo, IL-- covering river transport
197 MB- Memphis, TN-- covering river transport

90th Corps (I can't stand that they broke with the normal Roman-numerals for Corps, much less that the writers skipped so many numbers! This is
VI Corps, IMTU)
49 AD- Oklahoma
95 ID- Oklahoma
Since both of these are in Oklahoma, having retreated from NE Texas, I'm guessing they are using the Red River as a front line. Fort Sill isn't too far to the rear, so that may be a rear-base for one of these divisions. Oklahoma City, and/or Tulsa, seems like a good rear-area spot for logistical collection, anyway. The corps HQ itself could be in any of those spots.

122nd Corps (again, yuck. II Corps for me)
1/85th IB- reformed at Camp Beauregard, LA (kinda near Alexandria, right in the middle of the state)
2/98th IB- Louisiana- could be north of the 85th, since it entered Texas from Oklahoma. Let's say around Shreveport?
Since we're now talking about river traffic being a big thing, and both of these are also on the same Red River as X Corps, I'm going to guess the Corps forward HQ is with the 85th at Camp Beauregard, and rear elements (local militia?) are at Baton Rouge and Vicksburg and New Orleans.

So, looking at those, I'd put Fifth Army HQ somewhere equidistant to its Corps HQs, and on or near the big river. Vicksburg or Memphis?
BTW, I think after Omega, some of the European veterans will be allocated to Fifth Army, and routed via the mouth of the Mississippi, to start a campaign up that way. I'd relocate some of the Army HQ to be closer to directing this operation, so it could move south, leaving its garrisons in place.

Sixth Army is covering the California front.
The descriptions of location of the 5 brigades is pretty vague, but Camp Roberts is named. I'd guess one corps is covering the coastal routes, and the other the San Joaquin Valley? Army rear services may be back in the Bay Area (Fort Ord near Monterey makes sense?) The Corps HQs may be somewhere along Routes 101 and I-5?
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