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Might as well explain this.
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5th US Army - Fort Chaffee, AR - Airlords of the Ozarks says there is a significant Milgov presence in the Fort Smith area. Considering that its reserve bdes are to the east. the 122nd is to the south. 90th is to the west and sw. Seems as logical a place as any.
- 90th US Corps -Fort Sill, OK Keeps it close to the 49th AD and the front. Existing infrastructure and on an interstate hwy.
- 122nd US Corps - Minden, LA - Considering significant portions of LA are nuked such as Shreveport and Baton Rouge. Minden made sense since it contains the Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant. While transportation is important so is industry.

6th US Army -McClellan AFB or Presidio I either thought the HQ stayed in place at the Presidio or moved because of the Nuke strikes in the Bay Area
-63rd Corps -Fort Hunter Liggett could just as well be Camp Roberts doesnt really matter
-89th Corps - Fresno, CA Why not?

9th US Army -Fort Lewis, Wa or Fort Wainwright, AK - depends on where it was activated. If it was activated in AK then it probably activated at Fort Richardson and evacuated north during the invasion. If it was activated at Fort Lewis then it probably stayed there and never had a reason to move.
- 8th US Corps -Fort Lawton or Bellingham, WA - somewhere close to Canada anyway along with units of the 47th ID.
- 10th US Corps - Fort Wainwright AK
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90th Corps (I can't stand that they broke with the normal Roman-numerals for Corps, much less that the writers skipped so many numbers! This is
VI Corps, IMTU)

122nd Corps (again, yuck. II Corps for me)
Its because they used ARCOMs to form the Corps. 90th Corps was formed from the ex 90th ARCOM (ex 90th ID) and was the ARCOM for TX and NM. 122nd Corps from ex 122nd ARCOM which was for OK, AR and LA. 63rd Corps formed from 63rd ARCOM (ex 63d ID) covered Southern CA. 89th Corps (ex 89th ARCOM, ex 89th ID) covered Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri.) is a little bit out of place but whatever.

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