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Originally Posted by shrike6 View Post
Its because they used ARCOMs to form the Corps. 90th Corps was formed from the ex 90th ARCOM (ex 90th ID) and was the ARCOM for TX and NM. 122nd Corps from ex 122nd ARCOM which was for OK, AR and LA. 63rd Corps formed from 63rd ARCOM (ex 63d ID) covered Southern CA. 89th Corps (ex 89th ARCOM, ex 89th ID) covered Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri.) is a little bit out of place but whatever.
AH! Now it is clear.

Still ugly, but clear.

Consider, also, that larger formations often have forward and rear HQs, the latter for the large logistical tails (even less mobile in T2k), and the former able to move about a bit more.
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