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Originally Posted by Cdnwolf
Sorry I never got back to you guys. Knock at door and a talk with some guys who insisted on shining bright lights in my eyes.

Actually in Niagara Falls watching the sun rise... then doing the tourist thingie... and got me thinking... any nukes on the Hydroelectric plants in Niagara Falls.
Happened to be placing Canadian units so I was right there.

Closest canon nukes and how they relate to Niagra Falls, New York.

68.1 km ExSE of Hamilton, Canada, 1000 Kt
69.9 km SxSE of Toronto, Canada, 2000 Kt
164.4 km SW of Trenton, Canada, 750 Kt
272.1 km E of Sarnla, Canada, 1750 Kt
336.3 km ExNE of Windsor, Canada, 1000 Kt
350.4 km SxSW of Chalk River, Canada, 500 Kt
360.5 km S of North Bay, Canada, 750 Kt
373.5 km SW of Ottawa, Canada, 1500 Kt
401.9 km ExNE of Toledo, OH, 1750 Kt
474.0 km NW of Marcus Hook, PA, 1500 Kt
476.9 km NW of Philadelphia, PA, 1750 Kt
484.1 km NxNW of Fort Meade, MD, 500 Kt
482.9 km NW of Paulsboro, NJ, 500 Kt
485.7 km NW of Westville, NJ, 500 Kt
484.9 km NW of Linden, NJ, 1250 Kt
486.7 km NW of Delaware City, DE, 750 Kt
490.8 km NW of PerthAmboy, NJ, 1000 Kt
496.0 km NxNW of Arlington, VA, 500 Kt
496.8 km NxNW of Washington, DC, 250 Kt
492.4 km ExNE of Lima, OH, 750 Kt
511.2 km WxSW of Montreal, Canada, 2000 Kt
501.6 km NxNW of Camp David, MD, 500 Kt
510.6 km NxNW of Andrews AFB, MD, 500 Kt
529.6 km NxNW of Quantico, VA, 500 Kt
600.5 km NxNE of Catlettsburg, KY, 750 Kt

Closest canon units.
122.4 km ExSE of West German - 81st Panzer Grenadier Battalion (not a typo was in Canada to Train on TDM)
148.4 km SxSW of Canadian - 1/Toronto Regiment
178.6 km E of Canadian - 3/Regina Rifle Regiment
244.0 km WxSW of Canadian - 3/Toronto Regiment
373.4 km SW of Quebecois - 1/Regiment de Hull
408.2 km SxSE of West German - 53rd Panzer Battalion (not a typo was in Canada to Train on TDM)
486.5 km NxNW of US - 228th Infantry Brigade
505.3 km NW of US - 78th Infantry Division
564.8 km SE of British - 1/The Cheshire Regiment (not a typo was in Canada to Train on TDM)
574.3 km S of Quebecois - 1/Fusiiiers du St Laurent
610.5 km W of US - 43rd Military Police Brigade
624.8 km WxSW of Canadian - 1/Lake Superior Scottish Regiment
630.7 km WxSW of Quebecois - 1/Regiment du Saguenay
744.1 km WxSW of Quebecois - 1/Front de Liberation du Quebec
750.8 km S of Quebecois - 1/Regiment de la Chaudiere
884.9 km N of US - 184th Infantry Brigade
966.2 km WxSW of Canadian - 1/Royal New Brunswick Regiment
986.5 km ExSE of Canadian - 2/Toronto Regiment
1011.6 km WxSW of Canadian - 3/Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
1035.0 km WxSW of Canadian - 2/Queen's Own Rifles of Canada
1016.9 km N of US - 30th Engineer Brigade (Combat)
1093.8 km NE of US - 194th Armored Brigade
1154.3 km E of US - 84th Infantry Division (Light)

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