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Originally Posted by Raellus
Once again, nice work. I recognize the Soviet sniper one from a Ron Volstad plate in one of the Osprey Elite books. Volstad and Angus McBride are two of my favorite military illustrators.

I was just browsing through Armies of the Night and recognized scenes based on stills from the movies Big Trouble in Little China and Raw Deal, plus various B-movies I can't name. There's also one of a street gang leader based on a pic of Rob Halford of Judas Priest!
That is one of my favorites, and i used the sniper one for something from when i first started playing T2k... i have about ten colorized versions of it that i've done. each one trying to experiment with different colorations. namely for my work on the 2300AD RPG stuff i had been exprimenting with. i just wish i cold find them so i can scan them.
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