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Default Episode 6 - Search and Rescue in the Jungles of Death

MR. Hans Wernström (38) hires you to retrive his brother Jürgen Werström (44)

His (Jürgen) last communiqe was tracked to Manaus,Brasil. Alas there the trail ends. Recent analyses of the last phone call indicated that he was in a BJJ-Dojo somewhere in central Manaus.


Bring Jürgen & his team (5 other scientists/explorers) safly back to Hamburg.

Pay: 250.000$ + Bonus

Bonus: x2 pr comrade saved ; x3 if done within 60 days.

Hans Wernström

Jürgen Wernström

Info about Manaus:
The Big Book of War - Twilight 2000 Filedump Site
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