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Default Mission prep

1. secure intel and arrange for our cover

Some of us will have to start tappingall and any available resource be it human or electronic to DISCREETLY assertain the situation on the ground and pick up clues,movement from known operatives in the area etc .We also need a workable cover so that Tropa de Elite and the Brazilian authorties dont come after us .
I suggest Mao and Romanov get on this

2.procure hardware
some of us will have to get on MercBay and purchase what we need for this mission .Payments must be made as untracable as possible and delivery must be taken into account as Brazil has strict gun laws and foreign Mercs are considered a pest. Vehicules and riverine craft,weapons and supplies should be bought and kept standby somewhere secure in Manaus or in a close by location.
I suggest Florentino handles this ,and that I help him as he sees fit

3.Enlist manpower
for a mission of this type it is important to have thrustworthy collegues withus .Preferably Portugese speakers .Enlisting locally might alert our adversaries and should be avoided until we can control such assets securely ourselves on the ground.

I suggest all of us pool our contacts together to see what kind of crew we can come up with .Think long term - trying some guys out now -they could be useful to us later and this could be sort of an initiation.

4. Assign roles for the mission

Before any of the above we need to divide areas of responsibilty .
IMO there are these areas to decide on :




Leadership structure.
(team leader,2nd ic,,co-int./,, off.)
Who gets to be what etc .

I nominate Florentino for leader -he knows the region,the language and it is his turn.

Barnaby -out .

(My char .immideately dives into an extensive Portugese course on line .)
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