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Default Introducing myself

I've found no thread dealing with such topic, therefore I did it on my own.
I'm Christian, nick-named cro - nobody knows why, it happend.

I served for 12 years in the Federal Armed Forces (Germany) as an officer and quited last September. Now I work for the Department of the Interior and doing internal things....
I was in the armoured branch at first, later on CIMIC-branch (civil-affairs) with two rotos in AFG.

I started roleplaying back in the 90ies. A lot of T2K and Dark Conspiracy, a bit Merc 2000. But my favourite ist T2K.
Hope to find some guys to discuss about T2K and to present some of my adventures / stories.
I am also very interested in playing T2K on the internet e.g. forum. Hopefully here is a chance to do so. Whether GM or player.

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