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Originally Posted by Mohoender View Post

It will be nice to have some additional insight on Germany in T2K.
Oh hell yes.

And here are my first questions:

Do you think the H&K G11 Rifle rifle would ever have made it as the FRG's standard service rifle if the Cold War would have continued past 1989? Or was it always just an interesting experiment?

If the H&K G11 didn't become the Bundeswehr's battle rifle, what would have been the service rifle for the Twilight War? The HK G-3? Or would the the H&K G-36 simply have arrived in the line a couple years early?

And finally, do you think there are any conditions under which the officer corps of East and West Germany of the fictional 1990s would have conspired against the East Germany Communist Party to over throw the DGR government in a manner similar to the version 1 TW2K timeline?

While it may be one of my favorite parts of timeline (like the Soviet Invasion of Alaska or the Mexican Invasion of the US southwest) it may also be just as unlikely.

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P.S. Should we move our questions to a separate thread?
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