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Hey all, im Garin but my nickname is 56 (LVI). I played T2K from 1986 until 1994. Then Alcohol, bars and women got into my way.

I got my first computer in 2000 and played a little T2k thru emails but had to stop due to work. Just recently i've decided to take it up again but FTF. I have a group of 3 (myself included) and possibly 2 more. I couldnt believe it! Especially in this day of age with the Technology.

I'm hoping to play FTF once a month and start the campaign in July. It'll be a Homebrew. Not sure if im gonna run the V1 or V1 with an alternate timeline.

I also frequent this site regularly from work, but i'm unable to sign in and post, so im always as a visitor.

Hopefully i'll be able to post more often.
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