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Default Another introduction

Hey folks!
Nice to see, that there are still some people around, which like their postapocalypse without to much mutant-superpowers, too!

My name is Tom. I started to play Traveller around 85 (and 2300, Cthulhu, Outlaw, and some other stuff) and been there for a long time. Then, i was not interested in T2k at all. My first rpg-apocalypse was made by Megatravellers Lucan... Starships and Sectors went to hell..

Somewhere in my twentys i stopped all RPG-related gaming.
Kept reading, but had no people "nerdy enough" to show some real interest in the hobby. But i picked it up again 2 years ago, cause my former girlfriend supplied me with a load of T2k-pdfs !

After reading that (and watching some good olclassics like Escape from N.Y., Mad Max, Assault on Precinct 13, Platoon, etc.), i was sure that i wanted to get back playing. I loved the "Kopfkino" in my younger years, and knew that i wanted to have some of that back.
I found a little, but steady group in the vincinity.
Since than we had loads of fun in kaputt Poland & Germany!

The players mostly had at least 2 PCs in different locations of our adventures.
It started out as an emergency-concept (in case you drop your handgrenade in front of your own feet... have your other PC!), and developed into a multilevel-campaign.
We are shifting between 3 different groups of characters; the first group fought their way to & through Krakow (now they have RESET, but know theyll gonna be to late for Omega!), while the second is cycling (ha,ha!) from Leipzig to Bremerhaven (the last train - Korzub - is a little ahead of them, but maybe they will stumble over it in Magdeburg!).
The third is not a group anymore - now its a sole survivor..he almost witnessed a coup among the officers of the 129.sov. MRD in the contaminated city of Wroclaw... hes just running for his life and will soon hit Dobrodzien).

The players promised me not to look up too much stuff in the net about the future-history/canon of the Twilight-world.
They discovered it the hard way by adventuring from eastern-germany (area of Cottbus) to Krakow. By now they know a lot about Silesia/southern Poland, eastern and northern parts of germany, and heard some rumors about other regions of the world. And biting their nails to find out more...

My players are pretty good. They manage to play out their different characters real well, eventhough they have very different insights/levels of knowledge about the areas and factions around them.
We use the (old, but still great) "Heroes Now!"-Book for building the personal attitude and background of our PCs (and NPCs).
I always use it, escpecially to produce some stuff, the characters could talk/think/plan about besides the plot (like details about the quirky family back home, and their lifes before the war).

What we all like the most about T2k is the sandbox-thing and the "What if"-Situations of the classic WWIII-setting.
As a GM i still follow the same concept, as GDW did it from the beginning - presenting the group a mapped territory with many detailed NPCs, different factions, each with their own agenda, attitudes, missions.
Then add the PCs - shake it well - Voila!
My players like to make their own decisions based on their different PCs attitudes, and that makes a pretty dramatic game.

Reading in this forum kept me coming back for more, and i hope it will be there for a quite a while longer!
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