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Sure, it'll go in the next round swaghauler!

The non-divisional units aren't anywhere close to complete. Not within any sort of circle of probable error even. What's on that list is whatever came up during my other research, essentially. Most of that means units that received Reserve Commendations in 1960-1963, got mentioned in Army Reserve Magazine articles, or cropped up in US Army Expansion, 1961-1962. There's a lot of talk in DoA reports about numbers of units called up or included in different force strengths but very little on what those units were, making it hard for me to get a firm grasp on things like corps or army artillery assets.

Your unit was called up during the Berlin Crisis, though, for the record. I suppose I should just comb the Field Artillery Lineage Series volumes for non-divisional units and sweep the CARL digital library for sources again. Frankly, there's been so little response overall it's hard to stay motivated. Expanding the National Guard division coverage is fairly easy and I've still called a halt on it.
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