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Thanks for all this work. I came across this in a Google search on Pentomic stuff for my own research, and was happy to see that there's still an active community for T2K - the only RPG that ever got me interested.

I notice you don't have the order of battle for the Californian 49th Infantry Division. If you'll allow me, this is the 1960 OOB. I also have all the active army divisional OOBs around here if you're interested in fleshing it out. Actually, see if this Google book preview works for you. It has nearly all active and reserve-component divisions from 1917-2004, broken down into eras. The book is Infantry Division Components of the US Army by Timothy Aumiller

49th Infantry Division
Division Headquarters

579th Engineer Combat Battalion

49th Signal Battalion

49th Aviation Company

49th Military Police Company

49th Infantry Division Band

1st Tank Battalion, 149th Armor

2d Reconnaissance Squadron, 149th Armor

1st Battle Group 159th Infantry

2d Battle Group, 159th Infantry

1st Battle Group, 184th Infantry

2d Battle Group, 184th Infantry

3d Battle Group, 184th Infantry

Division Artillery

1st Battalion, 143d Field Artillery
2d Battalion, 143d Field Artillery
3dt Battalion, 143d Field Artillery
4th Battalion, 143d Field Artillery
5th Battalion, 143d Field Artillery
6th Battalion, 143d Field Artillery

Division Support Command

126th Medical Battalion
749th Ordnance Battalion
249th Transportation Battalion
49th Quartermaster Company
49th Administration Company

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