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Originally Posted by Rainbow Six View Post
I can't recall where I read it, but I did see an article a few months ago that suggested that the UK still had a stockpile of SLR's which ran into the tens of thousands, so I think it's highly likely that the SLR would be the most commonly found weapon amongst British forces either though neccessity or choice.
If you ever find that source, please post it here. I'd love more justification for bringing back the SLR hard.

Originally Posted by Rainbow Six View Post
One minor thing - whilst I agree with most of what you've said here (including the reissue of the Bren gun), IRL Sterling Armaments went bust in the late 80's, so wouldn't be in any position to start remanufacturing the AR18.
Yeah, that's a bit of a problem I conveniently overlooked. One possible way to justify it is to say that part of the company was bought out by another that would be in a position to legally begin manufacturing the AR18 in the UK. I don't know if such liscencing agreements are transferable but it might work.

Originally Posted by Rainbow Six View Post
Interesting views on the G11 / G36 debate also. I've always been a fan of the G36, but as I use a Version 1 timeline following the logic here I think I may have to dump it in favour of the G11.
The G36 is a sexy gun and, until recently, I included significant numbers IMTW. As a result of our discussion here, I think I will be dumping it too.

Here's a question. Would the G11's caseless ammo be easier, more difficult, or no different to manufacture after the exchange took out most industry?
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